Even in the

bare mid-winter

The review from Fiona has been on our Facebook page since October 2019.

We are grateful to Fiona for going to the trouble.

We do not select good reviews and hide the less complimentary reviews. We can block reviews on Facebook. We don’t.

We let it all hang out !

However, apart from Fiona’s review and one comment by Ruth Mann that the accommodation is “basic” – (see it in second image above – and we do not claim otherwise), we have had no negative reviews on Facebook in 6 years, other than Fiona’s.

Fiona very kindly emailed us at the time of sending her review to Facebook. Her email is next image.

As you can see on Facebook our satisfaction rating is 5 out of 5.

Fiona very kindly sent us a very kind email and explained her criticisms, which were intended to be constructive. 

She noted that some of the fish got the better of her husband’s fishing tackle !

Fiona was not a wheel chair user. We have had wheelchair user guests who did not raise any issues and who returned to visit again.

However, some of the negative points made by Fiona deserve explanation:

(The points are numbered in red in the copy email)

(1) The “single day bed downstairs” is not a day bed. It was at the time a normal single bed  in an en suite bedroom with en suite shower and toilet within feet from the bed. Access to the bedroom is by two steps down from the sitting/dining area. Following Fiona’s points, the single bed has been replaced by an IKEA double “pull out” setee bed which has a 16″ thick mattress. (there is a picture shown under menu item in INSIDE.

The bedroom was and is intended for older guests who may find the stairs too steep.

(2) Windows cleaning is a problem. Because of the trees, when it rains, pollen and other bits and pieces, fall from the trees and stick to the window panes. If it rains even within one hour after the windows are cleaned ,the windows look like they have not been cleaned for weeks. It is an unavoidable of living in a wooded setting. 

(3) and (4) had not been reported by anybody else. Both have been corrected.

(5) Nala is Fiona’s family dog.

Fiona kindly sent us to photos,  one is in the next view.